I am  a professional dreamer & a talentless sheila. In my mind I am as big a genius as newton and possess the same musical prowess as that  of Beethoven but the reality states otherwise. I am not exceptionally good at anything.I have always been a mediocre person,somewhere lost in the crowd and at times even stepped on by the crowd!!.This blog is by far my greatest accomplishment. SHIT ZOOo (It’s a shit and is as chaotic as a zoo).
I call myself the lordess of rings, for my love for rings. Someday I plan to have rings for all my fingers!. I am a self proclaimed ventriloquist aswell  but that’s when I am in my room and its empty. So for you to take a look at my ventriloquism skills you gotta first fit in a cctv camera in my room and then not let me know about it!.I am also the creator of an imaginary town called toyland  and as the name suggests  the citizens are all toys.
When I am free,either I shit (read blog) or hook up my toys and revive their love lives and when I am grumpy I even cause them to divorce.A major part of my life is played inside my head.I talk in my head all day long!!!. I head talk to such an extent that sometimes I fear that I might have some mental disorder.
I thought of myself as a writer when one friend of mine called me Shakespeare but then she called me sanjay dutt and currently she calls me a penguin. Now I know it wasn’t meant to be a compliment *sigh*.
So people all that you havta say about me and my shits ,do that freely. GOOD,BAD OR UGLY- whatever it is. I am always open to criticism (psst… do sometimes appreciate aswell).

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  1. I don't see this a dumping ground... It is well fertilized though so many things will grow ~dougieb


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