Monday, 31 March 2014

SNALETT - (snake eyes and scarlet) - a GI joe fanfiction

The sky was painted in a light hue of red. The sun as if in a gesture of chivalry bowed down to the sky and merged with the nonchalant and poised waves of the lake, which seemed to be rhythmically swaying to some hypnotic tune that only it could comprehend.
there she sat viewing the spectacle,clearly mystified by the splendor but  the moment of serenity and tranquility proved to be short lived.soon her mind trailed back at him- snake eyes, that's what the hard master named him. she knew nothing about snake eyes,where he came from,what his real name was but still she felt drawn towards him. she felt an almost instant emotional connect with this man.the black body suit and mask only added to the mute  nimble footed ninja's enigma.tears began to form as she thought of him.
"its all my fault! all my fault!" said scarlet to sobbing hard.
the feeling of guilt was sinking deep in her heart.she wasn't home to such feelings ever. she was a fierce and brave army woman, always ready to retaliate and nail the enemies as she said about herself "beauty is skin deep but lethal is to the bone" without a speckle of doubt she lived by the words. but today was different today she felt torn.the feeling of guilt ripping her apart.
somehow she collected herself and with unsteady steps paved her way towards the GI Joe residence.
a plethora of thoughts running through her head as she made her way.

"Scarlet where were you? we searched the whole place out,where had you been? asked duke,a fellow Joe and her best pal as soon as she walked in.

"scarlet, for heaven's sake! will you please speak up" but scarlet stood like a mummified statue. duke who was now beginning to lose his patience shook her to get something out of her."scarlet! scarlet! say something"
"he is dead" said scarlet in a frail and merely audible voice.
"who is dead" asked a clearly worried duke. "snake eyes" she halted midway "storm shadow killed him"she completed and broke down.duke stood perplexed not knowing what to say.he couldn't bring himself to think that the resident ninja could actually be killed.the skills that snake eyes possessed made him look invincible though storm shadow was his toughest adversary but then snake eyes was an extremely inept and skillfull warrior. he could use his katana with such smoothness and precision as if it were his own limb.

thomas suboro arashikage AKA storm shadow was the sword brother of snake eyes.they had known each other from their teenage days.storm shadow was the rightful heir of the arashikage clan but the hard master had different views. he saw the future of the clan in snake eyes. he thought that he with his contemporary thinking would take the clan towards the path of illumination while storm shadow would take it towards utter darkness. this obviously didn't go down well with him. he developed an heightened sense of loathing towards snake eyes and tried to kill him on numerous occasions but to no avail.

"finally he has done it. he has eliminated his arch rival"sobbed scarlet

''how did it happen'' finally duke mustered up the courage to ask
HOW DID IT HAPPEN the words rung 100 times amplified in her head.her mind drifted back at the grotesque events that occurred couple of hours ago.

they sat in the middle of the dim lit dojo. snake eyes polishing his swords silently-stating the obvious.

''so are we just going to polish these swords all evening or you have something else on your agenda too''said scarlet.
snake eyes looked up at scarlet from his visor though scarlet couldn't see him but she knew he was watching her.''of course i have other plans too'' he signed. ''cool! so do i fit in any of your plans''asked scarlet rather plainly. snake eyes silently chuckled. thank god she cannot see me he thought to himself.
''yes you do actually the whole plan revolves around you '' he signed
scarlet's heart skipped a beat.what did he mean by that she thought to herself.'' i want you to come with me to a place'' he signed a bit hesitantly.
''so he is asking me on a date hmm......... but where could it be maybe some restaurant or maybe somewhere else!!.''she thought to herself.
she couldn't stop herself from giggling on the thought of her and snake eyes-in his bodysuit,armor visor taking her on a date to a restaurant.
''i don't have the memory of saying something funny.whats making you laugh then''.he gestured.''no, nothing'' she said with a poker face trying hard not to giggle.''so where are we going''she asked.''i.....''before he could complete timber-his pet wolf started howling. ''someone is outside''he signaled and marched outside.scarlet followed.''no one is here''she announced but snakes gestured her to stay quiet.then out of nowhere something kicked snake eyes right on his face and he fell with a thud.''hello brother''said the stranger.''storm shadow''snakes muttered in his head and his hands immediately clenched in a fit of rage.''what do u
want''he signaled.''arashikage''said shadows with a devilous grin and shooted shurikens at his sword brother.snakes eyes dodged all the shurikens and broke them to pieces with his katana.
the two ninja's held their katana's in their hands
and stormed towards each other.scarlet watched the whole scene like a mute spectator.''get off him, shadows''finally she spoke loading her pistol.she was about to pull the trigger when snakes intervened.''its MY fight.he is MY enemy'' he signed.scarlet reluctantly put the pistol back in the holster.the fierce clashing of swords was the only
sound that one could hear in the otherwise silent ambience. both ninja's had their shinobi's ripped.snake's visor partially broke showing his gleaming blue eyes and a lock of his blond hair.''i am having a great time''grinned storm shadows revealing his pearly whites which were now drenched in his own blood.''the clan is mine. i am the new heir''he shouted.''the hardmaster will decide who deserves it.not you''signed the black ninja and knocked his sword brother to the ground.shadows released shurikens & one struck snakes on his chest.''catch me if you can'' cried the white ninja and ran towards the dense forest.snake eyes followed him,scarlet too followed but stopped when snakes asked her to do so.''i am glad you came''said shadows tearing of his shinobi.''lets fight till we die''he said punching snakes on his torso which disbalanced him but he bounced back and kicked his sword brother on the calves which caused him to fall in the river which had enormous river current.scarlet unable to keep herself went in their direction only to find two ninja's fighting midst a river with tremendous current and gigantic waves.''snake eyes''she screamed. he looked towards her & shadows without a moments hesitation charged the katana on his back.he fell in the river. ''snake eyes!!snake eyes!!''she screamed and without wasting a fraction of a second launched herself into the river but the river current had already took him quite far very far.''storm shadow''she cried pointing the pistol towards him but the ninja had already abandoned the scene.'

''its all my fault,i should have done something''wailed scarlet.''its not your fault.there was nothing much that you could have done.''said duke.''no!!! you are lying.its all my fault''she said and began walking.''were are you going,its freezing outside''his words fell on deaf ears.she again went back to the dojo & sat in complete silence,timber snugged beside her.suddenly the the wolf started howling.''calm down timber! i know you are missing your master''she caressed the wolf. ''calm down'' but the howling of the wolf only increased.the wolf gushed outside.scarlet went after him.she saw a silhouette emerging from the pitch dark setting.the wolf pounced on it.''who could that...''she froze when it dawned to her who that person could be.''snakes!!!!''she ran towards him.snake eyes stood in front of him,his visor broken,his shinobi torn.this was the first time scarlet saw him unmasked.he never wanted anyone to see his true face. his partially burnt and bruised face which he concealed with the mask and visor.a horrible accident had distorted his face permanently.''you are injured.lets go inside''scarlet said.

''i am fine but'' ''but what'' asked scarlet. the resident ninja bought scarlet's hands to his face. ''this doesn't  change anything''she smiled.''by the way we are still going for our special date,i hope you haven't forget about it''she chuckled lightening up the mood.
snakes took scarlet's hand & put it on the left of his chest and pressed it.''i love you too'' said scarlet

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