Sunday, 29 June 2014


 My teacher asked me if I was interested  in going for a cultural summit in japan. I beamed with joy.Only 5 students were selected and i was one of them!!.it was an Einstein "i am so brainy" moment for me. I packed my bags and reached japan but duh!! we were not permitted to leave the hotel and i was getting pissed off with the smiling monalisa in the room. So one fateful day i decided to sneak out of the room when everybody was busy watching the back to back episodes of yo yo hakusho. 
I stood outside the elevator ,waiting for it to open.*thud* i feel as soon as the door opened. He came out of the elevator and stooped low to lift me up. Jeezz!!! i just saw snake eyes!!! oh my god!! oh my god!! SNAKE EYES. My heart played a medley of yash chopra romantic numbers.All cheesy and cliched filmy things were happening to me.The wind was blowing my hair in a regal manner,flowers were been showered,everything was happening in slow motion.He carried me inside the elevator and gestured if i was fine. "I-A-M F-I-N-E" i stuttered.
Snakes eyes was my favourite character from the marvel comics,if you dont trust me then check my closet. I have more comics than i have clothes!!. "I am your biggest man.... eh.. i mean fan" i bluttered out.He didn't say anything as a matter of fact he couldn't say anything because his vocal chords were totally damaged but i thought he smiled behind the visor. "Ah lobb hobbb ubb arr" i was beginning to talk gibberish. I did some deep breathing stuff that i see ramdev doing everyday on astha channel and composed myself. "I love how you are, snakes.i like your personality,your attire,your katana,your visor.i even like that arashikage tatoo on your shinobi". He put a hand on his left and beat it like they do in that hero honda desh ki dhadkan ad. "You mean that you like it too" i asked him. He nodded his head.
"ohkay! snakes can you please give me an autograph" i put on a puppy face. pheww! i was carrying a pen but damn i didnt have a paper. He took my hand and began writing on my palm. "Awwww" i was awwing. To juhi with lots of love, snake eyes  he wrote ."Oh man now i wont wash my hand for days" i smiled. Strangely enough he began laughing. More strange because i 'HEARD' him laughing. He removed his mask. It was my fellow classmate who had been selected along with me on this trip.
"juhi you are such a jerk!! i saw the snake eyes pictures on your phone and decided to fool you" He chuckled.

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