Saturday, 26 April 2014


a short love story quite short indeed!

I looked at my watch the third time and sighed.3:30 it showed,still one hour to go for my train to come.I sat on the platform bench chewing munchies.''can I sit over here''asked a masculine voice.I shifted my gaze from the delicious munchies to that man,a young man indeed, a little shy of twenty would be my bet.I took off the luggage from the bench and allowed him to sit.An awkward moment of silence followed."hye" we both blurted out together & he been a chivalrous male asked me to go ahead.we chatted for the next one hour ,talking about every random topic we could think of even that dog on the platform which was busy clearing its bowels.I could not help but look at him in silent adulation,how his lips curved into a smirk everytime he said something witty,how he brushed off his jet black hair everytime they fell on his olive textured face,how his eyes almost close shut when he laughed.Somehow i just wanted the chat to never end. i could go on listening to him for days at length but the moment of bliss ended when i heard the approaching short love story ended even before it could spread wings.I silently got up and climbed the train,stealing a last glance i waved at him, he waved too. I let a brief smile pass my lips.Even as the train gained speed and left the platform I could feel the butterflies fluttering oh wait they were somersaulting! at the pit of my stomach ,then suddenly it struck me 'i didnt even ask him his name'

Friday, 25 April 2014


Off late I have been going through all these award winning blogs but what got me really hooked was the fact that in order to accept these awards you have to write ten things no one knew about you. This got me thinking that I should also compile my own list.Who knows I might just win myself some award some sunny day& this is my tayyari jeet ki moment.
 for the time being I can only come up with these 5 rest will follow when I  actually win myself something.
  1. My lower two front teeth are deciduous that ie temporary. when my dentist saw those x rays he gave such a horrid expression as if he weren't looking at temporary teeth but two outstretched cannines of a vampire.
  2. When I was 11 or 12 yr old I had this huge knack to look pretty,so one day I saw this really gorgeous girl on TV & my eyes instantly got glued to her eyebrows,I Thought they were so pretty,so well carved & what next!! I just Took a pair of scissors, dragged my self in the washroom. a cut here and there & i thought i was done, well that was until i saw myself in the mirror. My eyes literally popped out in horror seeing what the heck had i just done.So to revert things back to normal I just collected those hairs that i had cut and glued them back on my brows with a glue!!
  3. I was a kleptomaniac but this was when i was really small probably in 3rd or 4th standard, I thought everything in this world belonged to me!
  4. I talk to myself a lot but given i am alone and copy cult personalities.some day i am Genghis khan then lagnar lothbrock and at times hannibal lecter too,wanna have dinner with me!?(if u know what i mean)
  5. I used to keep eggs inside the bedsheet thinking if i sat on it a chick would come out of it but everytime before i could actually do something my father sat on it& then *bam**bam* this goes for both the egg and me!!!
PS i also tried this with a tomato which brings me to think if eggs give chicks do tomatoes give ticks(I know this one is really lame)

Thursday, 24 April 2014


''I'll come tomorrow again" were the last words that I spoke to my ailing mother while she doozed off on her hospital bed. I did make it to the hospital the next day but she had already succumbed to her illness. Seven months passed since then. Now I dont feel the pain anymore. now something more profound has taken place. A deepened sense of loss is all that I feel but I fear this too shall pass.As the pain has surpassed so will this. As days, months, years will pass soon I wont have much memories of her to cherish& those meagre memories that will remain would all be dim and dusted. What could be more devastating than this? to have no clear memory of your own mother- a woman who bore you in her womb for nine long months, painstakingly raising you up, looking through all your needs , relentlessly trying to fulfill them no matter how uncanny , sacrificing all her happiness for the sake of yours. I know this is bound to happen. twenty years down the line and I wont remember much about her. This is what I fear and detest the most. I so wish I could treasure her wonderful memories forever, protecting them from the ravages of time, storing them safely in a quiet corner of my mind but then even if I were able to do so would those memories evoke the same feelings as they do now?

Sunday, 20 April 2014


These days it has become a fad to be on social networking sites & if you come across someone who is not a part of this trend you look at them with suspicion,as if they were some extraterrestrial organism & I speak of this from personal experience *duh* but trust me i look like anything but an alien.

So what intrigues me or rather abhors me is those crappy pesky statuses people put on these sites stating how they don't give a damn of what people think about them,how they live by their own rules etc

now the bottom line is if it doesn't actually matter then why are you posting it? is it (a) because you have a lot of free time so you go like ''hey now that i don't have anything to do why not tell the world i don't give a damn of what they think about me'' or is it (b) you have a nexus with the electricity mafia(god knows if something like this even exists) who provide you with extra bijli to power your thoughts read junk or is it (c) you are insane. 
the right answer here will sadly not fetch you 1 crore *sorry*
Now after reading this far you might be wondering why the hell does the post read let the alpha come out.did i just write it  so that i can put that pic at the top or is it more than just that. Its surely more than just that.
I believe we all have an alpha within us. our perfect self.screw those people who think no one is perfect,they say so because they themselves haven't unleashed their own alpha.
so how does this relate to the cheapos who post filth online?.it surely does.
people post such things online out of their own insecurities and basically when some one puts a status that '' I dont give a shit about anyone''followed by a middle finger selfie they actually care what people think about them otherwise they wouldn't  have put that status in the first place. they are all screwed up from inside so they come up with this i don't give a damn charade.these people dont know about the infinite riches within them. that alpha within them.they need to be shown the mirror.they need to be shown what they are and what they can be. they have to know their own alpha.

so next time you come across any shitty status online just comment 'let the alpha come out'.

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