Saturday, 11 October 2014

We love mr baker

My memories stretch back to the summer of ’92. When my life was all about my friends – Susie & pansy. The whole suburbia knew us as the three hermits. Life back then was all sorted . The single most high point way then was the chase for mr baker’s ice cream van. Ah!! How could we forget mr baker – the charismatic ice cream man. He was the hero for all the kids. We would eagerly wait for his van day in and out. That man himself was incredible too. He would engage us in conversations and let us come inside the van to choose the flavours for ourselves. Despite our deep camaraderie we seldom knew anything about mr baker.He would ask us several questions about our interests , hobbies , likes , dislikes but sparsely did he ever tell us about his. The enigmatic mr baker soon became our best friend. Our fragile minds seeked solace after sharing its turmoils with him.Mr baker became an inseperable part of our lives.

The silent suburbia woke up to the ruckus on that ill fated night. Our mr baker was beaten up by the mob in the middle of the streets . Every piece of clothing that covered him was torn to shreds. The mob beat him black and blue.Later that night he was handed to the cops. People said that he used to do bad things to kids and that he was a pedophile. It took me years to understand what a pedophile was.

To this day I think was mr baker actually guilty?. Could the charming , suave  and soft spoken mr baker be that devious. If yes then why did he spare us. I am left wondering.
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