Saturday, 27 December 2014

I Too Had A Resolution

..........A new one each year, which unfortunately i was unable to keep. But not anymore, hereby i take the pledge to stick to my resolution for the entire year. ( ok , half of it..... or at least for a few days..... ah!! damn it!! i can always do it the coming year. Man! why in blazes am i so indecisive.)

Each year i come up with a hippy resolution  but my slothish brain always ruins it so this time I have decided to stick to my resolution no matter what happens. here I tell you my list of things to be done this 2k15.

1. Learn bengali. I am a bengali - born and brought up in delhi and my BQ ( bong quotient ) is non existing. I dont speak bengali. I annihilate it.!! ( yeah!! that bad...). for the coming 2015 anand bazar patrika and desh magazines will be my apostles.

2. solve sudoko daily. I will get it straight here. I am horrible at maths but I wanna prove people otherwise. Also I wanna exercise my sparse grey cells wee bit.

3. learn violin. and then buy a Stradivarius one day. ( that is , when I become a millionaire or marry one :p)

4. Read classic novels. and chetan bhagat novels surely don't fall under this.

5. Stop stalking my well off friends on facebook. MAN!! the heart ache after seeing someone  better off  than you is even more painful than holding  a   fart. ( and I must tell you that holding a fart is even more difficult when you are skinny like me , you see, People dont expect such colossal sounds coming out of a puppy faced miniature sized  girl :P )

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