Saturday, 27 December 2014

I Too Had A Resolution

..........A new one each year, which unfortunately i was unable to keep. But not anymore, hereby i take the pledge to stick to my resolution for the entire year. ( ok , half of it..... or at least for a few days..... ah!! damn it!! i can always do it the coming year. Man! why in blazes am i so indecisive.)

Each year i come up with a hippy resolution  but my slothish brain always ruins it so this time I have decided to stick to my resolution no matter what happens. here I tell you my list of things to be done this 2k15.

1. Learn bengali. I am a bengali - born and brought up in delhi and my BQ ( bong quotient ) is non existing. I dont speak bengali. I annihilate it.!! ( yeah!! that bad...). for the coming 2015 anand bazar patrika and desh magazines will be my apostles.

2. solve sudoko daily. I will get it straight here. I am horrible at maths but I wanna prove people otherwise. Also I wanna exercise my sparse grey cells wee bit.

3. learn violin. and then buy a Stradivarius one day. ( that is , when I become a millionaire or marry one :p)

4. Read classic novels. and chetan bhagat novels surely don't fall under this.

5. Stop stalking my well off friends on facebook. MAN!! the heart ache after seeing someone  better off  than you is even more painful than holding  a   fart. ( and I must tell you that holding a fart is even more difficult when you are skinny like me , you see, People dont expect such colossal sounds coming out of a puppy faced miniature sized  girl :P )

Saturday, 11 October 2014

We love mr baker

My memories stretch back to the summer of ’92. When my life was all about my friends – Susie & pansy. The whole suburbia knew us as the three hermits. Life back then was all sorted . The single most high point way then was the chase for mr baker’s ice cream van. Ah!! How could we forget mr baker – the charismatic ice cream man. He was the hero for all the kids. We would eagerly wait for his van day in and out. That man himself was incredible too. He would engage us in conversations and let us come inside the van to choose the flavours for ourselves. Despite our deep camaraderie we seldom knew anything about mr baker.He would ask us several questions about our interests , hobbies , likes , dislikes but sparsely did he ever tell us about his. The enigmatic mr baker soon became our best friend. Our fragile minds seeked solace after sharing its turmoils with him.Mr baker became an inseperable part of our lives.

The silent suburbia woke up to the ruckus on that ill fated night. Our mr baker was beaten up by the mob in the middle of the streets . Every piece of clothing that covered him was torn to shreds. The mob beat him black and blue.Later that night he was handed to the cops. People said that he used to do bad things to kids and that he was a pedophile. It took me years to understand what a pedophile was.

To this day I think was mr baker actually guilty?. Could the charming , suave  and soft spoken mr baker be that devious. If yes then why did he spare us. I am left wondering.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Black gold embellished on top
Some trodden , others well formed
Some memorable , some forgetful of sorts

Behind the wheels , on the roads
I head for the destination
I no longer yearn for

Neither do I wanna reach there
Nor do I wanna stop
The path is so illustrious
That all I wanna do is walk , walk and walk

Sunday, 27 July 2014

That was funny!! huh?!!

A funny thing happened on my way to school. Funny things happening with me are pretty common. you see , I am a confused soul.Most of the times i am surrounded by heaps of  'whats' 'whys' 'hows' & 'whens'.My mind is preoccupied with all sorts of things and reality certainly has no room in there.I have many funny stories in my kitty,which i shall post in near future but for the time being feed your humor hungry stomach this.

I was on my way to school on that particular day. Back then i used commute in an auto with my mother by my side.I was sitting towards the open end of the auto,I preferred that place than the window seat- i loved how the air used to brush past me and kiss my cheeks lovingly and at times hurriedly.I saw the approaching school building , even before the auto came to a halt i pulled my legs out.The upper half of my body was inside the auto  and the lower half was completely outside it.The auto still kept moving,I drew my legs on the ground to keep pace with it.My legs hurriedly moved with the auto as i held the handle in death grip.Imagine the look of horror on my mother's face,when she saw her teenage daughter performing death defying stunts.I screamed as hard as i could, at last the driver heard me or maybe saw my stunts in the mirror and stopped the auto. I hung from the auto like tarzan.I somehow had managed a safe landing in front of the school premises. My mother had lost all her colors and went totally pale while i chose to go red with shame. The whole school was staring at me & so were the people on the road.I laughed at myself to ease the situation. Its always better to laugh at yourselves before other people start doing that.It did work the people were laughing with me & not at me.
Though after that day my mum never allowed me to sit towards the open end of the auto.No more coochie cooing with the wind. huh!!

This post is written for write over weekend initiative of blogadda

Friday, 18 July 2014

If You Call It Love

I was never a fan of the rains and neither did i ever took joy in dancing in it but every time it down poured in our neighborhood I  would secretly sneak from the windows and look at  the park nearby. Everytime it rained i could see her, dancing and jumping , splashing the water accumulated in the small craters  to great heights. Holding the frills that decorated the near end of her cute little frock she would dance in circles. With every pitter patter you could listen to her melodious laughs. Her jet black hairs, now totally drenched in the rain would fall over her face  in almost a poetic & artistic manner, making her look even more exotic & angelic. I could catch a glimpse of her only when it rained, many times did  i try to search her but all in vain. She seemed to be tailor made only to dance in the rain, as if she owed her entire existence to it.

I have moved out from that neighbourhood now but even after all these years I think of her. An engima she was to me and shall always continue to be.

this post has been written for five sentence fiction with the prompt word rain

I See You

Every step you take
I follow you through
Every word you utter
I Listen, I do
You walk to places new
& I am the shadow that lurks inches away from you
Your sleepless nights & tormented days
Are the pleasures I live for
Everything you do
I see you

You walk through roads empty
In the dress I loved the most
My maleness you called for
I rush to you
You sense me & swiftly move through
A smirk crosses me
Silly girl! you never knew
Everything you do
I see you

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


A deep sense of vagueness and nothingness grips me as I see her pale & dead.
I hold onto my tears still in a bleak hope that she would get up and smile back at me.
All of this is a nightmare I tell myself.One last time I peck  my mother's cold forehead.The clouds outside form clusters, paying a last tribute to the dear departed. No more can I hold my emotions back. I cry along with the sky.

This drabble is written for friday fictioneers 

Sunday, 13 July 2014


At some wee hour in the morning, i woke up irritated by a cacophony coming from somewhere i was yet to find.
'' Juhi! Juhi!!'' said a shrill voice.
'' Who the hell is this!!'' I  asked holding my brother's baseball bat in death grip.I was ready to pull off a di maggio home run shot with it, the head of that mysterious thing would have served the purpose of the ball.
'' I am gattu'' The voice beamed.
'' Gattu!'' I put on a straight face. Why on earth would someone name their kid as bizarre as a gattu. An  image of a plump person with a giant head and paper thin limbs came in my mind, thats exactly how a gattu fellow can look like.
'' Okay so mr gattu, why cant i see you " 
" Thats because i am inside you
" What......... inside me!!! ". I suspiciously looked down upon my body, gazing at it as if it were someone else's. The voice seemed to be coming from the left of my back. My mind gave me weird and hilarious reasons to why i was hearing voices. Maybe the hilsa fish i had for lunch was alive and its doing all the talks or worse, maybe i am losing my mental stability thats why i am hearing voices but soon the rational part of my mind took over, maybe its all just a dream..... pheww. A logical assumption afterall.
" I am your kidney, silly girl" I heard the voice again.
" My kidney!!! " I pinched every inch of my body and slapped myself a good number of times to check whether i was dreaming or not. My swollen face and reddened body told i wasn't. 
" Juhi i need water" my kidney spoke
" water?? why? " 
" Thats because you dont drink enough water"
" Hang on!! First clear this doubt of mine. Every person has two kidneys, how come i have only one"
" Jeezzz you also have two kidneys, dumbo!. Meet my sister gatti. She is a bit shy."
" Hello" Came a timid and hardly audible reply.
Gatti and gattu are my kidneys. Whats next, My brain called bheja & stomach called pettu!!.
" Now some serious business juhi. See i am not a lazy bag like you. I work all day long and for that i need water. I gotta maintain homeostasis yaar!.
" Dude you are my kidney. How dare you call me a lazy bag. Tune mera namak khaya hai " I said with an air of authority.
" I use that ' namak' for your well being. Moreover i flush it out aswell." His tone hardened.
So here i was, at 1:00 am in the morning getting into a serious argument with my very own kidney!!.
" Okay so gattu tell me something about yourself " 
" oh yeah. I am gattu your kidney. I am a porous body with million tiny filters that process around 40 gallons of fluid each day, that much is enough to fill a house's hot water heater "
" When blood passes through me , the filters hold onto the substances you need for eg water & nutrients. Harmful waste and excess of water are routed to baddie ( thats my bladder!) who then flushes it away with urine."
" You know what juhi, it really saddens me that most of the ailments regarding me are never caught on time due to negligience of people. Only when matters get worsen do people come to  know of it. people go on boozing and eating unhealthy, not once thinking how adverse its affect would be on me.''
" So what are we supposed to do " i asked
" Start eating healthy. Cut down on alcohol and most importantly stay hydrated "
" Okay gattu. I'll surely take care of it. "
" by the way would you like to know about my kids "
" Yeah sure. "
" Meet my kids. Calcitrol, erythropoietin and renin "
" hellooo" They sang in unison. 
" Renin, are you a communist " I quipped.
I heard puffing sounds from my within & figured out that i had just angered a prime enzyme of my body.
" Hey! Now where is my water. I like it lukewarm, neither too hot nor too cold "
gattu spoke up.
I gulped down two full glasses of water. No more voices did i hear .Finally, i could take a nap now.

The phone loudly buzzed infront of my ears,I woke up in haste.My science book was wide open infront of me. ' Our excretory system' the heading on page read.

So all of this was just a dream although  i could feel my face was still swollen. Whatever it was, it surely taught me something. I gulped down another glass.So many questions in my mind but i better sleep, the last thing i want know is my brain telling me that i dont give it enough rest.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Duryodhana - The story untold

I am bhanumathi. I see your brows quiver at my mention, who is she - you begin to ask.
 well I am that unfortunate lady who has silently suffered but still continues to be unknown and unmentioned in the milieu pages of the great epic MAHABHARATA. I am king duryodhana's wife. Yes, I am talking about the treacherous,egoistic and power hungry kuru prince that you all know.

Sympathy and pity in equal potions rush through your benevolent hearts as you learn of my ill fate,to be married to such a man, but I earnestly & solemnly don't regret or remorse one bit of it, my love for my lord is pure & unblemished. Having said that, I am not here to shield for his wrongs. I in my right mind with all my senses intact, shall never do that.His insulting draupadi & employing shrewd and unruly tactics to win against his brothers (pandavas) can't and shouldn't be condemned but here I ask you one question ' which mortal in this entire universe is free from all iniquities and is completely chaste?', You race your intellectual and learned mind in many directions but to your immense chagrin, you can't find one satisfactory answer. Every person has streaks of grey in his/her disposition. Even the pandava princes committed their share of sins.So does each one of us.

I knew my lord like no one did. I witnessed him in his true colors.In him was a loyal friend,a caring husband, a good administrator & a skillful tactician.Somehow these facets of him got subdued and undermined, he came out as a devious man sans  endowment. People fail to notice how he went against  everyone and supported karna- when no one knew of his lineage,coronated him and gave him a kingdom of his own.When pandavas were sent to 13 years of exile,yudhishtra decided to check if he (duryodhana) was an inept ruler or not, he sent his messenger to look into the matter.To his utter surprise the messenger heaped praises at him (duryodhana) and hailed him as a worthy ruler.He was a people's man, keeping the needs and wants of the kingdom high on the pedestal.
I remember once karna and I were playing dice in our chambers & karna dominated the game. I sat facing the door of the chamber,when I saw my lord coming ,I got up (as a sign of respect) which karna mistook as gesture of leaving the game. In order to stop me he got hold of my drape,the pearls embroidered on the drape fell upon pulled my the mighty hands of his.  If playing dice with my husband's best friend was not audacious enough,here I was standing with my drape undone and the pearls scattered on the floor. Karna and I both stood tongue tied, preaparing ourselves to the fury that we were to be meted with.He (duryodhana) came towards me and stooped low picking up the pearls.Handing me the pearls he simply asked ' Is picking up the pearls enough or shall I string them aswell'. He had blind faith over the people he loved & maybe that was the reason for his fall.He trusted his crooked uncle shakuni to death,who in turn exploited him for his own selfish motives.

That gruesome day is still fresh in my eyes, the day I saw his lifeless and bloody corpse. Those eyes that lovingly watched over me were now closed for ever. 

He died a valiant death like a true Kshatriya, embracing the goddess of death with open arms.

PS: I dont take rsponsibility of the accuracy of facts mentioned over here. though some are true but others are purely fictional.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Quintet Of Radiance Award

I take this opportunity to thank my blogger buddy crimson curls for nominating me!!
The rules
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E-electrifying ( i might just give you a shock)
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R-radiant ( thanks to my new beauty cream!)
U-utopian dweller
Y-yipeee (thats my fav noodles)
Z-zombie ( when i have nothing better to do, i stare blankly at people more like a zombie)

I nominate the following bloggers

the shameless blogger

the solitary writer
life as it is
cloud nine

Thursday, 3 July 2014


I bet this age old adage has been heard by each one of us 'Arre muh band rakho,makkhi ghus jayegi'(keep your mouth shut or else a mosquito will enter your mouth). On second thoughts i wonder if makkhi is a mosquito  or a housefly! whatever it is do let me know. Moving on,i never paid much attention to this saying,rebuffing it as a silly and illogical statement until one not-so-fine day i had a first hand experience.

In my school days i was part of the school choir( more so referred to as the school chors (thief)) & there were about 10-15  'chors' like me.
All days i used to hide from the scrutinizing public view and settle for the last row of the choir but on that ill fated day i dont know what came in my mind and i 
decided to stand in the very first row,well exposed to all that constant grinning and dumb stares that 'chors' like us are bestowed  with , by the fellow students
I was standing right at the centre with an insanely huge fake smile plastered on my face, besides me stood my BF( best friend that is and lols! if you thought otherwise) and maybe she was the reason of that sudden boost in my confidence.I was singing like a pro, minding all the taal,sur & lay. My singing would have very well put lata mangeshkar and celine dion to shame.Just as the song was about to reach its crescendo and i was about to deliver that brilliant murki that i had in my head something entered my wide open mouth.In a reflex, i shut my mouth. Time stood still for me. Sur,taal & lay had abandoned me.The very well planned murki that could have even fetched me an oscar ALAS!! couldnt be executed.I stood like an embalmed egyptian mummy.My best friend noticed this and elbowed me. '' sing!!!, whats wrong". how in blazes could i tell her what the problem was i mean if i said anything that 'problem' would come out aswell which would be followed by her screeches.So i let it be but minutes later the whole school was staring at me. All those glares and unnecessary attention made me feel like a lovelorn puppy in  a new city! (baoooo!! i was wailing inside) while the mighty makhi explored my mouth and completed 24 revolutions of it!.I could have opened my mouth and let the makkhi and myself free but if i did so then everyone would have seen it and i would become the butt of all their jokes until they found another scapegoat.I had no better option but to continue with my act but then i felt the curious creature was ready to hijack my oesophagus & trachea, i sprinted my way to the loo. Somehow that scene bore striking resemblance to that of devdas's last scene, where paro ran.(rememeber!).
She ran for devdas while the end of her saree fluttered high and i ran for makkhi while the end of my dupatta was in the air!.I reached the loo just in time,that makkhi had almost entered my food pipe  when i puked it out.That tiny thing buzzed out of the exhaust fan.I came out of the loo victoriously.I deserved some gallantry award for that stint!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


The hands that once caressed and combed his ruffled hair lay lifeless as she dozed off on his shoulders.

She was one big bag of bones. What were once luscious black curls had become a handful of white ones. Sense and sensibility had parted ways with her a long time ago.

Her words, once profound, were all gibberish. She, who lived for others and tended the needy, couldn’t even pick up a crumb by herself. How unkind and unruly of life!

Ma, wake up,” he said, wiping the oatmeal that had been her breakfast, from her wrinkled cheeks.

Ma, it’s your birthday today! Do you remember how you used to bake chocolate cake and how I would finish them even before the guests arrived?”

He asked her and she gave him a crooked smile.

Ma, today I will bake for you,” he said, lightly pecking on her forehead. It was her 70th birthday.

She had always celebrated his birthdays with immense spectacle and joy as if they were very important events. Alas, she retained no memories of them. She had even forgotten her own birthday.

The house was decorated like a newlywed bride. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA” proclaimed the banner on the wall. He had invited all their relatives to attend the party. The old lady rejoiced at the sight of so many people.

The star of the bash was the homemade cake. It didn’t matter that salt had been used in place of sugar or that it was slightly over baked. The dollops of unadulterated love that sweetened it, compensated for all that it lacked. He took one small piece and fed her. Happily, she clapped like a kid.

A teardrop escaped his eye, but the warmth of his mother’s hearty laughter dried up all his tears.

Sunday, 29 June 2014


 My teacher asked me if I was interested  in going for a cultural summit in japan. I beamed with joy.Only 5 students were selected and i was one of them!!.it was an Einstein "i am so brainy" moment for me. I packed my bags and reached japan but duh!! we were not permitted to leave the hotel and i was getting pissed off with the smiling monalisa in the room. So one fateful day i decided to sneak out of the room when everybody was busy watching the back to back episodes of yo yo hakusho. 
I stood outside the elevator ,waiting for it to open.*thud* i feel as soon as the door opened. He came out of the elevator and stooped low to lift me up. Jeezz!!! i just saw snake eyes!!! oh my god!! oh my god!! SNAKE EYES. My heart played a medley of yash chopra romantic numbers.All cheesy and cliched filmy things were happening to me.The wind was blowing my hair in a regal manner,flowers were been showered,everything was happening in slow motion.He carried me inside the elevator and gestured if i was fine. "I-A-M F-I-N-E" i stuttered.
Snakes eyes was my favourite character from the marvel comics,if you dont trust me then check my closet. I have more comics than i have clothes!!. "I am your biggest man.... eh.. i mean fan" i bluttered out.He didn't say anything as a matter of fact he couldn't say anything because his vocal chords were totally damaged but i thought he smiled behind the visor. "Ah lobb hobbb ubb arr" i was beginning to talk gibberish. I did some deep breathing stuff that i see ramdev doing everyday on astha channel and composed myself. "I love how you are, snakes.i like your personality,your attire,your katana,your visor.i even like that arashikage tatoo on your shinobi". He put a hand on his left and beat it like they do in that hero honda desh ki dhadkan ad. "You mean that you like it too" i asked him. He nodded his head.
"ohkay! snakes can you please give me an autograph" i put on a puppy face. pheww! i was carrying a pen but damn i didnt have a paper. He took my hand and began writing on my palm. "Awwww" i was awwing. To juhi with lots of love, snake eyes  he wrote ."Oh man now i wont wash my hand for days" i smiled. Strangely enough he began laughing. More strange because i 'HEARD' him laughing. He removed his mask. It was my fellow classmate who had been selected along with me on this trip.
"juhi you are such a jerk!! i saw the snake eyes pictures on your phone and decided to fool you" He chuckled.

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Friday, 27 June 2014


The disco lights dazzled as Ira  danced the night away swaying her body rhythmically to the tunes the jockey played.
He came over and wrapped his hands around her waist,pulling her closer.
"Baby i love how you dance" he whispered in his husky and oh-so-sexy voice.
Ira blushed and turned towards him. She ran a quick finger around his square jaws  "i can do a lot many more things,Parth" she said with a coquettish grin.
At 6ft 2 with an athletic built,Parth was a chic magnet.He had deep black eyes so heavenly,so tempting, that you were bound to fall in love with him.Such colossal was his charm!
"I cant wait anymore.lets go to my place" he teased her.
"Fine" she smiled
In the entire 10 minute ride to Parth's house Ira looked at him admiringly and thought how lucky she was to have someone like him in her life.
They have known each other only for a few weeks now and at this very disco was the first time they met.With him Ira experienced the priceless and incredible emotion called LOVE.
Today she was visting his place for the first time so her excitment knew no limits.
Soon they reached his place.
Parth escorted her to his room.It was pitched dark inside.
"You are going to love this" he whispered gripping her shoulders hard.  
The lights switched on.
Her eyes literally popped out in horror to what she saw.A sudden chill ran down her spine.
The next thing she remembered she was hit by something hard on her head.
"good bye, ira" the voice said.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Its 6 in the morning and i cant sleep a wink,not after that call.

"hello riya, this is doctor nanda. your biopsy reports have arrived and the results aren't have stage 3 lung cancer with three months to live."he coldly spoke

upon hearing the utterances for the very first time,i went pale and started shivering. i couldn't felt as if someone was choking me from within.
'why me' was all i could ask.
i was just 18,fresh out of school and ready to take on the new phase of my life.all the dreams that i had roped in for my future came crashing down. my father died of cancer too, now i will follow the same fate soon!
i could see my end- in some hospital bed,wailing in pain.....with tubes sticking to what-not places in my body.
i was busy mourning my own death and heaping filmy dialogue baazis  at god  for his three month ultimatum when something inside me charged me up.i sat bolt upright.
'why am i crying like this,i am not dead yet.i cant go on mourning like this for the few days that are left.all my life i have lived like this, burying myself deep inside in some no-mans land so that no one can see me , living in my own seclusion.NOT ANYMORE

today i will live as if it were my last day'

i went straight to my mother and hugged her tight.she gave me a baffling look afterall this was the numero uno hug she was recieving from her dotting princess.
"mom i have never told you this before but i really love you. i love you more than i love anyone."i was nearly in tears. a mother daughter relation is always so touchy touchy.
"whats the matter" she asked recovering from the million volts shock from the sudden display of emotions.
"nothing, i gotta go. will catch you later" i announced and reached for the door." by the way mum,my personal diary that you have been hunting for so long is in the closet, you can read it."
i jumped through the stairs and made my way out.the roads were staring blankly at me, asking me to walk on them. the clouds rolled open a red carpet of cool breeze for me. i strided on it like a seasoned actress would.
i shaked my legs or rather my hips to shakira's tunes.'and i am on tonight, you know my hips dont lie something.... something... hmm...'. i stopped upon reaching the coffee house where me and friends used to hangout. 'hey' i waved at the barista. 'hello' came the reply.'you know what, the coffee at this place sucks'i added sticking my tongue wide out.'but i still come over here beacuse i find you so cute'
the guy's mouth hung open.
how did this shy lass turn so bold overnight he must have thought.even i didnt knew i was capable of such things.
i strolled towards the foot bridge and saw kids half my age begging for money.''hey i dont have money but here take these chocolates'' the kids gleefully smiled like they had struck gold. i continued with my journey, laughing at the death gods straight in the face.'see, you cant scare me'

two men were deep engrossed in a conversation when i out of habit eavesdropped.
'' now how do we find a clown at such a short notice"

"there is no way we can find one, lets cancel the programme at the centre."

"excuse me, i heard your conversation. can i be of any help to you guys'' i intervened.
''we want a clown, can you be one" he fumed up.
''yes'' i smiled without a moments hesitation.
the two men were dazed at my response.
'' are you sure, you can be a clown. you have to perform at a centre for mentally retarded people''

'' i am up for any thing" i smiled yet again
'' and how much do we need to pay you"
" the impeccable smiles of my viewers is all that i need''
''you are in"
within an hour i became bobo the clown and hijacked the stage.the pure and honest laughs of my spectators made me laugh too. happiness is highly contagious after all.

in one day riya the clumsy and shy caterpillar  had metamorphosised into riya the colorful and bold butterfly.i heard  my phone beep and picked it up.
"hello riya, this is doctor nanda.i know you would get mad at me after listening this but please hang on till i finish. your reports were mixed up due to our dont have cancer. you are completely fine.we are extremely sorry for our just killed you."

"no doc,it just taught me how to live". i hunged up the phone.

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Friday, 20 June 2014


The inevitable has happened, my tablet has finally lost its battle for survival(RIP!! tabbbie, you will be remembered) but i been the self proclaimed doctor who has been taught to cling to even the faintest pulse of the patient, did  just the righteous thing. i took it to the service centre hoping that maybe something could just happen.the people at the centre told me to leave the tablet over there, for them to do certain inspections on it. i happily obliged, as i could finally see a silver lining!!. i came here with hope and now i was hopping my way out in utter joy!!. as i was on my way out the service centre guy asked me '' mam does your phone have some password or patent lock". i nodded my head for a password lock as i had no idea what the heck a patent lock was!!.the guy asked me my that moment all i could do was thank god for not keeping something bizzare and disgusting(if you know what i mean) as my password.i straight away would have made my izzat ka faluda if i did so.


She was like you, she was like me
she had enchanting brown eyes that dreamed
but everyday behind the close doors
her dreams were throttled
she was just flesh and bones to them
who never bothered to know
"who was she?"

this post has been written for five sentence fiction and the prompt word this week was 'fenced'

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


When i initiated my journey in the blogosphere,i did so to let my thoughts (at times profound but mostly absurd) reach out to masses(masses!! now thats serious wishful thinking). i wanted a platform for my views and opinions.thus the idea of awards was completely alien to me but when i came to know about the other bloggers and read their works( and the milieu awards that they flaunted) the hungry  award craving beast inside me woke i extensively began my search for different blogging awards and stumbled upon the liebster's but trust me getting it is a different feeling all together.i take this opportunity to thank aathira she writes at bewitched by words and nominated me for this award.she hails from kerala and pens beautiful short check them out.

The Liebster Award Official Rules:

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1.your secret obsession?
collecting foreign coins

2. your favourite smell?
the earth's smell post the rain

3.what inspires you to write a post?
my imbecile mind

4.what is your therapy to get through the lows of your life?

crying! crying! crying! destination you have dreamt visiting?
I so want to visit a pagoda you think love gives way to reality?

7.what do you love getting as gifts?

8.given a chance to undo a mistake would you do it or leave it as it is?
i would leave it as it is because these mistakes have made me what I bam

9.what do you like to blog the most about?
myself!(narcissism alert)

10.what is the craziest thing you have ever done?
ahem! ahem! somethings are better off under the wraps

11.what is the biggest dream for you right now?
getting into some good college


I am a serial dreamer
I talk to myself more than i talk to others
I live in my own realm created in my head where i am the queen bee and other are the drones
I hate hypocrisy though i am a hypocrite myself
I like to observe people
I like rings but not the usual gold,silver or diamond ones. i prefer titanium,tungsten,steel etc
I have an army of stuff toys (heil juhi!!)
i am a bathroom dancer
i talk in my head all day long
I love to watch doraemon , courage the cowardly dog and powerpuff girls
I want to be a genetic engineer


ritesh aggarwal of  a book is a sexy thing
crimson curls of my sundry notes
yashi shrivastava of split strings

I put forth the same questions to these bloggers as asked to me by aathira
congrats to all the bloggers!

Monday, 16 June 2014


Every bengali student has surely dreamt of  studying at the prestigious presidency college and  If not that then atleast they have atleast  heard about the college.  Presidency is india's oldest college where for the very first time western style of education was introduced. Some very eminent scholars and scientists have been associated with this college , Amartya Sen, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Satendranath Bose,Michael Madhusudhan Dutt,Meghnad Saha, Rabindranath Tagore , Sukumar Ray to name a few. After seeing such  heavyweight names associated with the college  I too had this desire to be a part of  this legacy  though I in no way whatsoever  a genius or a high flyer student . Today I had the admission test for this college and I was more excited about seeing the college than taking  the exam .  After kerbing in the traffic for a frustrating 30 minutes which seemed like a lifetime, I finallly reached my dream place. The place where the college is located is quite apt as well. It's called the college street, where one can find any, and I  emphasise,  any book. After passing through a lieu of neverending book stalls, I reached the main gate. It  was here that  I came to know that 4500 students have exactly the same dream that I have. All the  students were asked to make a line and get in, the moment I entered the campus, I thought I would smell the glorious past of this place but all I could smell was sweat and other's too , everyone was standing so close to one another that it was getting hard even to breathe and the scorching heat right on top of our heads only added to our suffering. The senior year students nearly cracked their vocal cords by screaming, they had to announce the roll numbers and the candidates were asked to rush in as if it were some military boot camp.  Isomehow completed this leg and went one step ahead, were another bunch of senior students stood and were literally hollering over your head  '' faster! faster! faster!''. Dude what was I  , Milkha singh!. if I could move one bit faster I would have been selected for the olympics.  Luckily I was nimble footed enough  to complete this daunting leg too. Finally,  I was inside. I took a scrutinizing look at everything though  I was completely drained out after that mayhem. I keenly observed all the classrooms and the washrooms too. Then came the highly awaited part, we were given the question papers and omr sheets.  I  intelligently took one fine look at it, I have this innate talent to pass extremely intelligent looks when I am confronted with a challenging situation even though I might be totally clueless about how do deal with it .  I went through the paper and encircled the right options but here was the catch, it was clearly mentioned that 25% marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.  Wasn't 63 seats for 4500 candidates lousy enough that they had to come up with this. I held the pen firmly in my hand  to begin ,  only to realise it was of the person sitting next to me ( I  somehow am programmed to goof up at crucial moments).  The negative marking part was still creeping me out. Everytime even if a single tiny, micro tiny blot of ink spread over some question I shrieked, in my head ofcourse. 1 hour into the exam and a final year student came and told us that no negative marking was there. I felt like punching that guy for coming so late but resisted after taking a clear look at his grotesque physique. Now atleast I had one less thing to worry about . I answered all the questions , even the ones I didn't knew . The bell rang and I came out of the room to be a part of that enormous queue again.
All in all even if  I dont get admission in this college,  I am still content  to have come this far ( I cant come up with anything better to mask my disappointment!).

PS: I saw one really nice graffiti on the college walls that I could not  stop sharing

'' Stop racism, be like a panda
It's black and white and asian too plus it's chubby aswell:)''

Friday, 13 June 2014


All my life i went after money.
I dreamt big cars,big houses and a pocket full of cash.
Today, i have it all but all i wish now is to walk again
get up from my wheel chair
relive the boyhood days that i lost for my imbecile pursuits
and dance frivolously....... like those kids in the rain.

this post is written for five sentence fiction and the prompt word this week was 'wish':D


For a few weeks now, I have been busy filling up admission forms of colleges, I  have filled up forms for some 19-20 colleges and the common link between all these forms are..... MY GOOF UPS!!.
As careless as I am, in all these forms I have left behind my goofy footprints.
In one form I entered my name as 'juhi ryo'(instead of juhi roy) and 'juhi yo' in some other. In the monthly income column ,I added a few extra zeros & made it look something like this '4,00,00,000 (yeah! I thought ratan tata will bear my college expenses).
in some other form, I signed as the principal (whosoever said about the proverbial 'mighty pen' was right afterall!)
the list of my 'oops' moments just goes on....
ticking the wrong gender, entering the wrong marks,writing 'indian' as 'bhindian' to name a few.

PS: After submitting such erroneous forms I just hope some college is kind enough to give me an admission.(any takers?? huh!?)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


When i was young,i loved viewing advertisements,i watched them religiously and with utmost interest. to me these ads were more engaging than the soap operas they sponsored.even now these ads please me like anything! they have a whole world of their own,were they sell 'happiness'. every advert is woven around the concept of happiness. how so& so beauty cream alters your entire persona and wuff!! from a dull plain jane you become a barbie princess overnight with a glowing and ever so growing smile on your face. the tag line of certain pizza joint is 'khushiyon ki home delivery'(so these people are not just selling happiness they are taking it one notch higher by delivering it on your doorstep!!). fashion brands show ads on how their clothes make you go all happie happie and classie classie.

but the million dollar question that i have pent up in my mind is do these things really make us happy? can happiness really be bought?

to me its partly yes and partly no. these things do make us happy and fuel our vain pride but it doest last for fades away sooner or later.the happiness dies as the object of our happiness grows old.

so after some extensive reasearch( thanks to google!) i have come up to the conclusion that actually our whole definition of happiness is faulty. we relate material possessions to being happy but in our naive glory we miss out on the fact that  happiness is not having the best of everything. if this were so then the richest people would have been the most happiest.

happiness is more so linked to our interior than the exterior. its all in our head. 

so just deep breathe look in the mirror and smile. some days to youRself. some days to others and sing along

" Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth Because I’m happy Clap along if you know what happiness is to you Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do''
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