Friday, 18 July 2014

I See You

Every step you take
I follow you through
Every word you utter
I Listen, I do
You walk to places new
& I am the shadow that lurks inches away from you
Your sleepless nights & tormented days
Are the pleasures I live for
Everything you do
I see you

You walk through roads empty
In the dress I loved the most
My maleness you called for
I rush to you
You sense me & swiftly move through
A smirk crosses me
Silly girl! you never knew
Everything you do
I see you


  1. it gets scary when psycho person chases a girl out of obsession, but for him its just a fun job.
    Really nice poem... and a lil scary too :P ;) !

  2. The guy sounds creepy. I hope she takes care! Nice one, Juhi :)

  3. Scary! Pretty creative and out of the blue ;)


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