Sunday, 27 July 2014

That was funny!! huh?!!

A funny thing happened on my way to school. Funny things happening with me are pretty common. you see , I am a confused soul.Most of the times i am surrounded by heaps of  'whats' 'whys' 'hows' & 'whens'.My mind is preoccupied with all sorts of things and reality certainly has no room in there.I have many funny stories in my kitty,which i shall post in near future but for the time being feed your humor hungry stomach this.

I was on my way to school on that particular day. Back then i used commute in an auto with my mother by my side.I was sitting towards the open end of the auto,I preferred that place than the window seat- i loved how the air used to brush past me and kiss my cheeks lovingly and at times hurriedly.I saw the approaching school building , even before the auto came to a halt i pulled my legs out.The upper half of my body was inside the auto  and the lower half was completely outside it.The auto still kept moving,I drew my legs on the ground to keep pace with it.My legs hurriedly moved with the auto as i held the handle in death grip.Imagine the look of horror on my mother's face,when she saw her teenage daughter performing death defying stunts.I screamed as hard as i could, at last the driver heard me or maybe saw my stunts in the mirror and stopped the auto. I hung from the auto like tarzan.I somehow had managed a safe landing in front of the school premises. My mother had lost all her colors and went totally pale while i chose to go red with shame. The whole school was staring at me & so were the people on the road.I laughed at myself to ease the situation. Its always better to laugh at yourselves before other people start doing that.It did work the people were laughing with me & not at me.
Though after that day my mum never allowed me to sit towards the open end of the auto.No more coochie cooing with the wind. huh!!

This post is written for write over weekend initiative of blogadda


  1. OMG! Glad that you are safe. I too love sitting at the open end of the auto. Back then when I used to travel to school by auto, we friends had turns on who would sit at the open end!

  2. What an adventure :-p But on a serious note, glad that you were not hurt :-) And I loved that line "Its always better to laugh at yourselves before other people start doing that.It did work the people where laughing with me & not at me."

  3. Thrilling adventure coochie cooing and seems u love flirting with danger:) What matters you are safe..sitting at the open end is bliss, whether train or auto:)

  4. Great that you are safe, dear :)
    A memorable incident with a lesson. Wait till the vehicle comes to a stop...

  5. again! where was i?? :P I imagined the look on your face as you asked for it... and it was damn funny!!
    congo for winning the WOW post :)

    p.s- don't perform such stunts Juhi :P :P

  6. Glad that you were not hurt...
    And an adventure indeed...!!!

  7. There's no better place to coochie coo with the wind than on a motorcycle...


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