Thursday, 3 July 2014


I bet this age old adage has been heard by each one of us 'Arre muh band rakho,makkhi ghus jayegi'(keep your mouth shut or else a mosquito will enter your mouth). On second thoughts i wonder if makkhi is a mosquito  or a housefly! whatever it is do let me know. Moving on,i never paid much attention to this saying,rebuffing it as a silly and illogical statement until one not-so-fine day i had a first hand experience.

In my school days i was part of the school choir( more so referred to as the school chors (thief)) & there were about 10-15  'chors' like me.
All days i used to hide from the scrutinizing public view and settle for the last row of the choir but on that ill fated day i dont know what came in my mind and i 
decided to stand in the very first row,well exposed to all that constant grinning and dumb stares that 'chors' like us are bestowed  with , by the fellow students
I was standing right at the centre with an insanely huge fake smile plastered on my face, besides me stood my BF( best friend that is and lols! if you thought otherwise) and maybe she was the reason of that sudden boost in my confidence.I was singing like a pro, minding all the taal,sur & lay. My singing would have very well put lata mangeshkar and celine dion to shame.Just as the song was about to reach its crescendo and i was about to deliver that brilliant murki that i had in my head something entered my wide open mouth.In a reflex, i shut my mouth. Time stood still for me. Sur,taal & lay had abandoned me.The very well planned murki that could have even fetched me an oscar ALAS!! couldnt be executed.I stood like an embalmed egyptian mummy.My best friend noticed this and elbowed me. '' sing!!!, whats wrong". how in blazes could i tell her what the problem was i mean if i said anything that 'problem' would come out aswell which would be followed by her screeches.So i let it be but minutes later the whole school was staring at me. All those glares and unnecessary attention made me feel like a lovelorn puppy in  a new city! (baoooo!! i was wailing inside) while the mighty makhi explored my mouth and completed 24 revolutions of it!.I could have opened my mouth and let the makkhi and myself free but if i did so then everyone would have seen it and i would become the butt of all their jokes until they found another scapegoat.I had no better option but to continue with my act but then i felt the curious creature was ready to hijack my oesophagus & trachea, i sprinted my way to the loo. Somehow that scene bore striking resemblance to that of devdas's last scene, where paro ran.(rememeber!).
She ran for devdas while the end of her saree fluttered high and i ran for makkhi while the end of my dupatta was in the air!.I reached the loo just in time,that makkhi had almost entered my food pipe  when i puked it out.That tiny thing buzzed out of the exhaust fan.I came out of the loo victoriously.I deserved some gallantry award for that stint!


  1. lol !! where was I when this happened?? And I'm still puzzled how makkhi missed Paro's XXL smile and rather opted for your mouth :P :P !! ;)

  2. u were somewhere lost in the assembly oblivious to what was happening in my mouth :P :P
    and yeah i am wondering how come the makkhi missed out on paru

  3. Really Funny. Wonderful Juhi.

  4. Really Funny. Wonderful Juhi.


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