Thursday, 22 May 2014


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Punches!kicks!more punches!&more kicks! this is exactly how elder siblings show their dadagiri(read unconditional love) and me& my elder brother are no different.we fight like two ferocious felinesof an african safari,hungry for each other's blood!.we fight over every petty issue possible from 'who gets to drink that last sip of tang' to 'who gets to watch tv' we have fought for it all but strange it is no matter how much we fight or loathe each other we still dont and cant stop talking to each other.our'i swear i will never talk to you again' vows barely lasts a day.I remember whenever i would get angry and stop talking to him, he would come up to me and say 'can we be fraands' stretching his hands out for a handshake with all his fingers wide apart keeping a insanely hilarious visage.all my loathings & resentments would die and all my anger would melt away like that chocolate we kept on the stove to celebrate our 'reunion'.

After surviving tons of deadly blows to my fragile brain (courtesy:my beloved elder brother) i can still proudly say that 'my brother is my role model' firmly standing by my side whenever i have hit the cross roads. i can go on been naive and stupid as i am because i know he is always there to fix things up.he is always there, in all my victories,in all my failures, in all my ups,in all my downs.sailing with me in this voyage of life.

i dont call him 'dada' ( as most bong sisters call their elder brothers) because we are less of bro-sis and more of 'fraands'.

they say 'life is not a  bed of roses devoid of thorns' but my brother has painstakingly plucked out all the thorns of my life to make my road ahead smoother and better. making it a bed of roses indeed!

thank you sazzhu for always been there.

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  1. Sounds like standard issue, military-grade family to me!


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