Thursday, 24 April 2014


''I'll come tomorrow again" were the last words that I spoke to my ailing mother while she doozed off on her hospital bed. I did make it to the hospital the next day but she had already succumbed to her illness. Seven months passed since then. Now I dont feel the pain anymore. now something more profound has taken place. A deepened sense of loss is all that I feel but I fear this too shall pass.As the pain has surpassed so will this. As days, months, years will pass soon I wont have much memories of her to cherish& those meagre memories that will remain would all be dim and dusted. What could be more devastating than this? to have no clear memory of your own mother- a woman who bore you in her womb for nine long months, painstakingly raising you up, looking through all your needs , relentlessly trying to fulfill them no matter how uncanny , sacrificing all her happiness for the sake of yours. I know this is bound to happen. twenty years down the line and I wont remember much about her. This is what I fear and detest the most. I so wish I could treasure her wonderful memories forever, protecting them from the ravages of time, storing them safely in a quiet corner of my mind but then even if I were able to do so would those memories evoke the same feelings as they do now?

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