Friday, 30 May 2014


For the very first time in my life today I am not dreaming with my eyes close shut,I am wide awake for my dream that just doesn't let me sleep a wink. all my life I have dreamt,I  have lived in my own utopian world with the myriad imaginary chums that I created, never ever bothering to sneak into reality! I was happy with what I had, actually, I never ever tried to do anything but  today I feel this sudden upsurge of emotions gallore ranging from that ticklish feeling emanating from the pit , to that extra boost of zeal & exuberation in the head!.I am experiencing all of this for the very first time,as I am typing I  am smiling from ear to ear giving my idiosyncrasic metallic grin!! all for that very first wide eyed dream shimmering in my eyes. 

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