Friday, 25 April 2014


Off late I have been going through all these award winning blogs but what got me really hooked was the fact that in order to accept these awards you have to write ten things no one knew about you. This got me thinking that I should also compile my own list.Who knows I might just win myself some award some sunny day& this is my tayyari jeet ki moment.
 for the time being I can only come up with these 5 rest will follow when I  actually win myself something.
  1. My lower two front teeth are deciduous that ie temporary. when my dentist saw those x rays he gave such a horrid expression as if he weren't looking at temporary teeth but two outstretched cannines of a vampire.
  2. When I was 11 or 12 yr old I had this huge knack to look pretty,so one day I saw this really gorgeous girl on TV & my eyes instantly got glued to her eyebrows,I Thought they were so pretty,so well carved & what next!! I just Took a pair of scissors, dragged my self in the washroom. a cut here and there & i thought i was done, well that was until i saw myself in the mirror. My eyes literally popped out in horror seeing what the heck had i just done.So to revert things back to normal I just collected those hairs that i had cut and glued them back on my brows with a glue!!
  3. I was a kleptomaniac but this was when i was really small probably in 3rd or 4th standard, I thought everything in this world belonged to me!
  4. I talk to myself a lot but given i am alone and copy cult personalities.some day i am Genghis khan then lagnar lothbrock and at times hannibal lecter too,wanna have dinner with me!?(if u know what i mean)
  5. I used to keep eggs inside the bedsheet thinking if i sat on it a chick would come out of it but everytime before i could actually do something my father sat on it& then *bam**bam* this goes for both the egg and me!!!
PS i also tried this with a tomato which brings me to think if eggs give chicks do tomatoes give ticks(I know this one is really lame)

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