Saturday, 26 April 2014


a short love story quite short indeed!

I looked at my watch the third time and sighed.3:30 it showed,still one hour to go for my train to come.I sat on the platform bench chewing munchies.''can I sit over here''asked a masculine voice.I shifted my gaze from the delicious munchies to that man,a young man indeed, a little shy of twenty would be my bet.I took off the luggage from the bench and allowed him to sit.An awkward moment of silence followed."hye" we both blurted out together & he been a chivalrous male asked me to go ahead.we chatted for the next one hour ,talking about every random topic we could think of even that dog on the platform which was busy clearing its bowels.I could not help but look at him in silent adulation,how his lips curved into a smirk everytime he said something witty,how he brushed off his jet black hair everytime they fell on his olive textured face,how his eyes almost close shut when he laughed.Somehow i just wanted the chat to never end. i could go on listening to him for days at length but the moment of bliss ended when i heard the approaching short love story ended even before it could spread wings.I silently got up and climbed the train,stealing a last glance i waved at him, he waved too. I let a brief smile pass my lips.Even as the train gained speed and left the platform I could feel the butterflies fluttering oh wait they were somersaulting! at the pit of my stomach ,then suddenly it struck me 'i didnt even ask him his name'

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