Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Year So Far

2015 has been quite an eventful year for me. Eventful is so much so an umbrella term that it encompasses all things good and bad. The bad has helped me to keep my feet firmly on ground and the good has aided in the expansion of my vision.
I have learnt that not every kind word has a kind intent, as La Rochefoucauld puts it aptly in his maxim " what seems generosity is often no more than disguised ambition, which overlooks a small interest in order to secure a greater one." No act is ever a purely selfless act, selfish shenanigans always linger on but are well hidden behind the veils of sentiments, lest you question them.
I have learnt to probe and doubt things that for long have been thought to be beyond the realms of logical deduction and existed solely on faith. I have learnt that god only exists because man fears oblivion & death.
I have learnt not to exercise bad faith or mauvaise foi as Sartre puts it. Scrutiny of self action is the best tool for self extrapolation.
I have gained interest in philosophy though I shall admit in all fairness that it does seem like a bunch of baloney at times. I identify myself as an existentialist but cannot tell existentialism , absurdism & nihilism apart. I have learnt that 'Kant' is actually pronounced as 'cunt' and Nietzsche's overman is not an undearwear and cloak clad flying alien. I have learnt that we all are like Sisyphus, only ours is not a perennial doom. 
I have learnt that to sound intelligent you need the validation of grades and sophistication comes from using scores of humongous words with no intrinsic meaning whatsoever.
I have learnt that math does have practical applications and not knowing it is nothing to be proud of. Also history is not just a catalog of dates , valuable life lessons can be taken from it.

This year in particular has shaped my rational mind but it has also taught me that the young mind rides high on hormones and is rebellious & impulsive , ergo , it is prone to making mistakes.

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