Thursday, 15 May 2014


"at the stroke of midnight hour
when the whole world sleeps
india will awake to life &freedom"
                                                    pt jawaharlal nehru

Dunno if india will ever awake to life and freedom but I do,every single day post the midnight hour,after i listen to my beloved radio & whatmore the moment of 'awakening' keeps me wide awake till 5 or sometimes even 7 am.

The radio does magical things to me,it changes my entire perspective towards life though the change hardly lasts a day! but the experience is nonetheless quite overwhelming.

I become like that molten wax which can mould in any shape in which it is casted.if i listen to a nomadic and spirited song i give myself that rebellious & spunky che guevara look imprinted on tees of zillions of wannabe self proclaimed teen rebels(read attention seekers)  ,the next moment when a sad song plays i become that damsel in distress surrounded by goons!! & when a motivational song kickstarts yeah boy!! i am all set for the sensational usain bolt victory stance.
To most people now radio is passe, fit for an 80+ dadaji who doesnt bother about life and even life doesnt bother about him!! but for me the radio is recreational,it changes the faulty wirings of my otherwise bland brain, making me think hard, ponder over things i never cared about.

sometimes i wonder if the song radio gaga by queens was for me,the lyrics went something like "radio gaga radio goo goo someone still loves you" i wonder if freddie mercury meant it for me,that 'someone' has got to be me who else could it be.

                                              HAIL MARCONI

                                        LONG LIVE THE RADIO

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