Friday, 16 May 2014


As you people know that i love to talk to myself and even have the potential of holding big world summits all in my head! , i came up with this one
I didnt set much of the scene, just created two characters, one girl(heya thats me) and a guy, you can sketch the guy as per your wish.
so here it goes
"wow! a clean sweep, modi nailed it!"cried the guy in joy
"yeah!he is here to bring a change"i added
"yeah man ,was so pissed off with the congress"he chuckled
I nodded
"so what issues would you like him to address firstly"he plainly tossed the question at me
i racked my brain to come up with something intelligent. "economy"i said intelligently.
i just love it when i can come up with such good answers,felt like showering flowers onto myself in self adulation.
"oh! economy,so what do u know about it"
i was caught off guard at this sudden cross question. oh no! why does he need to test my general knowledge!i thought, i had already racked my brain to the pit, Now what do i come up with!!
"well"i smiled in a sophisticated and cool manner as if it were only i who had taught Adam Smith the abc's of economics & it was for me that he won the nobel.
"economics! a funny thing" i said. yeah right! funny, making me feel like a clown sans the rainbow curls and vibrant dress and the big red nose too.
i felt as if  i were sitting on the mouth of an active volcano which would go off any moment.
but still i continued with my act,filling in the gaps of the conversation with my quirky and smart smiles!
after a few more 'umms' and 'wells' and elegant smiles and smart smiles, i gave in.
"i know nothing of economy" i puked the words, buring my face in my hands!
"neither do i" he added matter- of-factly

PS- if you didnt get some meaning out of this one, its okay, as it didnt have any!! my self talks cant always be meaningful(cant remember the last time they were), i am no buddha or gandhi!


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