Friday, 27 June 2014


The disco lights dazzled as Ira  danced the night away swaying her body rhythmically to the tunes the jockey played.
He came over and wrapped his hands around her waist,pulling her closer.
"Baby i love how you dance" he whispered in his husky and oh-so-sexy voice.
Ira blushed and turned towards him. She ran a quick finger around his square jaws  "i can do a lot many more things,Parth" she said with a coquettish grin.
At 6ft 2 with an athletic built,Parth was a chic magnet.He had deep black eyes so heavenly,so tempting, that you were bound to fall in love with him.Such colossal was his charm!
"I cant wait anymore.lets go to my place" he teased her.
"Fine" she smiled
In the entire 10 minute ride to Parth's house Ira looked at him admiringly and thought how lucky she was to have someone like him in her life.
They have known each other only for a few weeks now and at this very disco was the first time they met.With him Ira experienced the priceless and incredible emotion called LOVE.
Today she was visting his place for the first time so her excitment knew no limits.
Soon they reached his place.
Parth escorted her to his room.It was pitched dark inside.
"You are going to love this" he whispered gripping her shoulders hard.  
The lights switched on.
Her eyes literally popped out in horror to what she saw.A sudden chill ran down her spine.
The next thing she remembered she was hit by something hard on her head.
"good bye, ira" the voice said.

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