Friday, 13 June 2014


For a few weeks now, I have been busy filling up admission forms of colleges, I  have filled up forms for some 19-20 colleges and the common link between all these forms are..... MY GOOF UPS!!.
As careless as I am, in all these forms I have left behind my goofy footprints.
In one form I entered my name as 'juhi ryo'(instead of juhi roy) and 'juhi yo' in some other. In the monthly income column ,I added a few extra zeros & made it look something like this '4,00,00,000 (yeah! I thought ratan tata will bear my college expenses).
in some other form, I signed as the principal (whosoever said about the proverbial 'mighty pen' was right afterall!)
the list of my 'oops' moments just goes on....
ticking the wrong gender, entering the wrong marks,writing 'indian' as 'bhindian' to name a few.

PS: After submitting such erroneous forms I just hope some college is kind enough to give me an admission.(any takers?? huh!?)

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