Friday, 20 June 2014


The inevitable has happened, my tablet has finally lost its battle for survival(RIP!! tabbbie, you will be remembered) but i been the self proclaimed doctor who has been taught to cling to even the faintest pulse of the patient, did  just the righteous thing. i took it to the service centre hoping that maybe something could just happen.the people at the centre told me to leave the tablet over there, for them to do certain inspections on it. i happily obliged, as i could finally see a silver lining!!. i came here with hope and now i was hopping my way out in utter joy!!. as i was on my way out the service centre guy asked me '' mam does your phone have some password or patent lock". i nodded my head for a password lock as i had no idea what the heck a patent lock was!!.the guy asked me my that moment all i could do was thank god for not keeping something bizzare and disgusting(if you know what i mean) as my password.i straight away would have made my izzat ka faluda if i did so.

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