Sunday, 22 June 2014


Its 6 in the morning and i cant sleep a wink,not after that call.

"hello riya, this is doctor nanda. your biopsy reports have arrived and the results aren't have stage 3 lung cancer with three months to live."he coldly spoke

upon hearing the utterances for the very first time,i went pale and started shivering. i couldn't felt as if someone was choking me from within.
'why me' was all i could ask.
i was just 18,fresh out of school and ready to take on the new phase of my life.all the dreams that i had roped in for my future came crashing down. my father died of cancer too, now i will follow the same fate soon!
i could see my end- in some hospital bed,wailing in pain.....with tubes sticking to what-not places in my body.
i was busy mourning my own death and heaping filmy dialogue baazis  at god  for his three month ultimatum when something inside me charged me up.i sat bolt upright.
'why am i crying like this,i am not dead yet.i cant go on mourning like this for the few days that are left.all my life i have lived like this, burying myself deep inside in some no-mans land so that no one can see me , living in my own seclusion.NOT ANYMORE

today i will live as if it were my last day'

i went straight to my mother and hugged her tight.she gave me a baffling look afterall this was the numero uno hug she was recieving from her dotting princess.
"mom i have never told you this before but i really love you. i love you more than i love anyone."i was nearly in tears. a mother daughter relation is always so touchy touchy.
"whats the matter" she asked recovering from the million volts shock from the sudden display of emotions.
"nothing, i gotta go. will catch you later" i announced and reached for the door." by the way mum,my personal diary that you have been hunting for so long is in the closet, you can read it."
i jumped through the stairs and made my way out.the roads were staring blankly at me, asking me to walk on them. the clouds rolled open a red carpet of cool breeze for me. i strided on it like a seasoned actress would.
i shaked my legs or rather my hips to shakira's tunes.'and i am on tonight, you know my hips dont lie something.... something... hmm...'. i stopped upon reaching the coffee house where me and friends used to hangout. 'hey' i waved at the barista. 'hello' came the reply.'you know what, the coffee at this place sucks'i added sticking my tongue wide out.'but i still come over here beacuse i find you so cute'
the guy's mouth hung open.
how did this shy lass turn so bold overnight he must have thought.even i didnt knew i was capable of such things.
i strolled towards the foot bridge and saw kids half my age begging for money.''hey i dont have money but here take these chocolates'' the kids gleefully smiled like they had struck gold. i continued with my journey, laughing at the death gods straight in the face.'see, you cant scare me'

two men were deep engrossed in a conversation when i out of habit eavesdropped.
'' now how do we find a clown at such a short notice"

"there is no way we can find one, lets cancel the programme at the centre."

"excuse me, i heard your conversation. can i be of any help to you guys'' i intervened.
''we want a clown, can you be one" he fumed up.
''yes'' i smiled without a moments hesitation.
the two men were dazed at my response.
'' are you sure, you can be a clown. you have to perform at a centre for mentally retarded people''

'' i am up for any thing" i smiled yet again
'' and how much do we need to pay you"
" the impeccable smiles of my viewers is all that i need''
''you are in"
within an hour i became bobo the clown and hijacked the stage.the pure and honest laughs of my spectators made me laugh too. happiness is highly contagious after all.

in one day riya the clumsy and shy caterpillar  had metamorphosised into riya the colorful and bold butterfly.i heard  my phone beep and picked it up.
"hello riya, this is doctor nanda.i know you would get mad at me after listening this but please hang on till i finish. your reports were mixed up due to our dont have cancer. you are completely fine.we are extremely sorry for our just killed you."

"no doc,it just taught me how to live". i hunged up the phone.

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